Month: October 2018


Sometimes a Dad Needs to See

Sometimes it’s the dad who needs to see… April didn’t want an abortion, but her boyfriend of five years didn’t want her to keep the baby and she was vulnerable to his influence. April and Zach were quiet as they started their ultrasound, but they were obviously moved as the sound of their baby’s heartbeat […]


“Remember Now They Creator”

Sandy walked into one of Pre-born’s partner clinics in Jacksonville, Florida with one thing in mind – an abortion. A counselor scooted her into a private room just as Sandy asked, “What services do you provide here?” She hadn’t realized that she had come to a life-saving clinic and the counselor knew what she was […]


Pre-Born! Dinner & Auction a Success

Pre-Born’s Dinner & Auction, held on September 20, 2018 in Los Angeles, California, was a success. We thank all of you, everyday heroes, who are committed to saving the lives of the preborn. Be a Hero for the preborn. Sponsor a Baby Today!