“Remember Now They Creator”


Sandy walked into one of Pre-born’s partner clinics in Jacksonville, Florida with one thing in mind – an abortion. A counselor scooted her into a private room just as Sandy asked, “What services do you provide here?” She hadn’t realized that she had come to a life-saving clinic and the counselor knew what she was about to ask.

At 42 years old, Sandy was burdened by raising her children while also facing eviction from her apartment landlord. She didn’t need another baby to take care of. In her opinion, there was only one thing she could do to stop that; abort her baby.

The counselor confirmed the pregnancy with a lab test and Sandy agreed to a free ultrasound, expecting to see a first trimester baby. To Sandy’s surprise, she was much further along than she thought. She began to cry as the sound of her baby’s heartbeat filled the room.

After the ultrasound, the counselor prayed and shared the gospel with Sandy. Moments into their conversation, Sandy whispered, “I remember.” She then rededicated her life to Christ and also decided to keep her baby. She and her counselor developed a plan to pay her landlord the back rent she owed, and they also worked on a strategy of how to move forward with her life.

If Sandy had walked into the abortion center next door instead of the clinic, she would have chosen death for her baby. Due to the mercy of God, she entered the clinic doors and chose life for her baby and a renewed faith and joy in the Lord.

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