Month: January 2019


Fight for NYC

They stood. They clapped. They shouted. WE WEPT. A horrific tragedy unfolded in New York last week when the state Senate voted in the Reproductive Health Act. Stand with Pre-Born as we work to raise $250,000 through our GoFundMe Campaign to KEEP THE ONLY PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER IN QUEENS AND BROOKLYN, the highest abortion neighborhoods […]


Help Save Beating Hearts Across America

Want to Help Save Beating Hearts Across America? On this 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, join forces with Pre-Born! to save beating hearts from abortion. Your gift will help moms see their babies on ultrasound and hear their heartbeats. Hearing the heartbeat will change a woman’s mind from abortion 80% of the time. GIVE […]


Mighty Warrior of God

We’re celebrating the beginning of 2019 with thankful hearts and here’s why: “Yessenia’s” miracle was crushed in a matter of moments. Her head sunk as her doctor delivered heart-shattering news. The baby she tried to conceive for years, was expected to be born with Down Syndrome. In all the pandemonium, Yessenia heard the word “abortion” […]