Mighty Warrior of God


We’re celebrating the beginning of 2019 with thankful hearts and here’s why:

“Yessenia’s” miracle was crushed in a matter of moments.

Her head sunk as her doctor delivered heart-shattering news. The baby she tried to conceive for years, was expected to be born with Down Syndrome.

In all the pandemonium, Yessenia heard the word “abortion” roll off her doctor’s tongue, and she considered it. After all, it was the most “humane” thing to do, wasn’t it?

But first Yessenia called the Pre-Born Pregnancy Center that performed her original ultrasound.

They asked her to come speak with “Kara” who told her the story of how her son, “Down Syndrome David,” who was born with Down Syndrome, was the joy of her life, and a Mighty Warrior of God.

Kara’s story made an impact on Yessenia, and that day, she chose life for her own baby.

Just before the New Year, Yessenia delivered a HEALTHY baby girl, free from Down Syndrome. The doctors called it a miracle but all Yessenia could do was smile. Down Syndrome or not, her sweet baby, Daniella, had just become the love of her life.