Month: March 2019


One By One: Lives are Being Saved in New York City!

Shawna came to a Pre-Born Pregnancy Center because she was unsure of what to do about her pregnancy. Although Shawna loved the Lord, fear had consumed her thoughts. She and her boyfriend Alex had been together for over two years and were dealing with the emotions of a recent miscarriage. They had no desire to […]


New Ultrasound Machine Brings Life to Texas

A Pre-Born! Pregnancy Center in Texas recently completed their first ultrasound with their new ultrasound machine. The turn of events was unique and exciting. A man called the center asking to set up an appointment for the woman who was carrying his child. The two came to the center together and separately met with a […]


The “Invitation” is “Growing Community”

A note we received from Carol, the executive director of one of Pre-Born’s Pregnancy Centers: “We are overwhelmed with joy by the faithfulness and willingness of Pre-Born to partner with centers like ours. We are a growing community and support through Pre-Born is helping us grow alongside our community to meet the needs of women […]