A Baby Saved by Grace


Tara recently celebrated her 14th birthday. How could she be pregnant? She had only been with a boy from school twice, and her parents had no idea that she was sexually active. When Tara finally told them, they decided to abort the baby.

They drove three hours out of state to an abortion clinic but were turned away when they found out Tara was carrying a 26-week-old baby, which, praise God, was two weeks past the cut-off for an abortion procedure.

Tara was emotionless when she came to a PreBorn! Pregnancy Center in Mississippi and heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. But her mother was extremely thankful. She and Tara’s father decided to parent the baby themselves and thanked the center for giving them the opportunity to see their grandson and hear his heartbeat. Today, they are raising a healthy and happy baby boy!