Mom and Dad Get Married Prior to Delivering Baby


A Note From a PreBorn! Pregnancy Center:

Susan came into the resource room, yesterday afternoon, elated that she had just applied the new training that we attended from PreBorn!, last Friday.

Susan had learned from the client that she and her fiancé kept having road blocks that were preventing them from getting married including her social security card being stolen. Susan reached out to her husband who is a Pastor to see if he could make himself available to marry this couple before God the next morning prior to her c-section. He was happy to do so. Susan and I helped get her the information that she would need to get a marriage license so that they could eventually have a wedding that would be recognized by the state of New Mexico as well.  We also helped her apply for a new social security card.  In the midst of helping her plan her impromptu wedding, I inquired as to whether or not the University of New Mexico had a chapel that they could use. She said that she knew it had a chapel because a few years before, she had been in a horrific accident involving a semi-truck that nearly took her life. Her mother frequented the chapel there as a result. It is amazing to me that God has allowed her story to come full circle since she will be celebrating her marriage in this same chapel where her mother prayed for God to spare her daughter’s life.

Not only has she miraculously been given another opportunity at life, she now has the assurance of eternal life as well. She was loaded up with items that she still needed for her baby boy that would be arriving in less than 24 hours including a stroller, a swing, an exercaucer, and a changing mat. This client came in for resources and material goods but left with the best gift she could have asked for; eternal life and a relationship with Jesus Christ!

This morning, at 9:35 am, I received a photo from Susan of the client, her new husband, and Pastor Gary that states “Great wedding before God!”

It is so exciting to know that not only will this child be raised to know Christ but will have been born into wedlock and to parents who are truly committed to one another before the Lord.