A Decision for Life


Anna and her boyfriend had a good thing going, but when she found out she was pregnant, the world stopped. She was only 20 years old and in the prime of her young adult life. A baby was not in her plans.

Anna’s boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion so things “could go back to the way they were.” He was afraid of losing what they had together and a baby could possibly ruin everything. He didn’t want to take that risk.

Although Anna was leaning toward abortion, she wanted to hear about all of her options before she made her final decision. That’s when she visited a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic in Southern California.

Anna came to the clinic with her boyfriend. They had a long counseling session and an ultrasound, but they left undecided.

Two weeks later, they returned to the clinic and said they were going to keep their baby! PreBorn! praises the Lord for Anna and her boyfriend’s decision for life!