12 Babies of Christmas – Day 1: Head Over Heels for Helena


Helena was born a few weeks ago and we are praising God that her mom Kayla chose life. 

Kayla came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic determined to have an abortion. Her boyfriend did not want her to have her baby and was pressuring her to end the life of their preborn baby. 

Kayla was sad, confused, and depressed. Deep down she actually wanted to have her baby. 

During her appointment, Kayla was able to see her baby on ultrasound and hear her baby’s heartbeat. That day she decided to trust in God and keep her baby no matter what. 

We are excited to report that both Helena’s mom and dad are grateful to the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic for giving them the opportunity help and support they needed. Yes! Dad had a change of heart and is now head over heels in love with his baby girl, Helena.