12 Babies of Christmas – Day 2: Brandon is Alive and Well

Brandon is alive and well today because you provided the ultrasound that changed Tonya’s mind.
Tonya grew up in a church environment and knew abortion was wrong. However, strenuous circumstances had caused her life to spin out of control.
She was a stay-at-home mom of two children. Her husband, Toby, recently lost his job. Tonya was unsure how they could possibly provide for another child and that is when she came to a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic.
When she arrived at the Clinic, Tonya instantly felt a tangible peace take precedence over her fears. She said, “I saw my baby boy on the ultrasound and knew I couldn’t go through with an abortion.”
The PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic staff prayed with her and Tonya asked God to forgive her for even thinking about an abortion.