12 Babies of Christmas – Day 3: Olivia Survived the Threat of Abortion

Brandon is alive and well today because you provided the ultrasound that changed Tonya’s mind.
Olivia survived the threat of abortion, because you provided an ultrasound!
Olivia’s mom, Natalya, had been struggling financially since the COVID-19 pandemic began. When her boyfriend found out she was pregnant, he gave her money for an abortion and left the state.
Natalya’s own parents were split on their thoughts about Natalya going through with an abortion. Her dad did not think she should abort her baby, yet her mom thought there was no other choice.
When Natalya came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic and saw her baby on ultrasound, she immediately knew what she was going to do.
She decided she could not abort her baby. “[I will] stand up to my mother and tell her ‘No! No abortion! I’m going to have this baby,'” Natalya said.
The Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic gave Natalya a Bible and she expressed her gratefulness. Natalya said she needed the Bible because she recognized her need for God and wanted to draw closer to Him. 
Natalya asks everyone to pray that she and Olivia will remain happy and healthy.