12 Babies of Christmas – Day 10: Gianna Holds Her Precious Daughter Every Day

“Gianna” found out she was pregnant when she was 4 months into her pregnancy. She had no symptoms and no idea that she was pregnant. 
When she started to notice that her stomach was getting larger, she took a couple at home pregnancy tests and they both came back positive. Gianna was emotionally drained by her new reality.  
“When I found out I was pregnant and couldn’t do anything about it, it really hurt me at first,” Gianna said. “I talked with the counselor and I told her I didn’t want to keep the baby. But when I first saw that ultrasound, everything came into play. When you actually see the baby’s fingers and her nose, it’s a person. Not just a thing… you give a name to that baby.” 
Gianna now holds her precious Niyanna everyday and thanks the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic for being there in her greatest time of need. 
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