12 Babies of Christmas – Day 11: Gino’s Mom will Never Forget the Moment

Kiomy was a senior in high school and her boyfriend Eugenio was a junior. When Kiyomy told her mom she was pregnant, her mom tried to bribe her into having an abortion. She told her she would buy her a car if she did. But everything changed when Kiomy and Eugenio came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic. 
Although Kiomy was scared she felt relieved and calm as she spoke with the director of the Clinic. They agreed to an ultrasound and Eugenio said, “That’s when everything came into perspective for me… hearing the heartbeat.” 
“As soon as I saw Gino on the monitor it was such a happy moment. I will never forget it,” Kiomy said. 
Kiomy and Eugenio chose life for their son Gino. Today the family lives in Japan where Eugenio is stationed in the military. 
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