A Life Changed in One Visit


A Life Changed in One Visit

Story Written By a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic

Melina had three previous abortions and was currently pregnant for the fourth time when she walked into a Pregnancy Clinic.   

Melina had never seen her babies through an ultrasound during any of her previous pregnancies, but after a counseling session, she witnessed her baby through an ultrasound for the first time.

She broke down in tears and decided right there to face the risk of losing her job, along with any other obstacles that may arise, in order to keep her baby. Melina said no to abortion.  

The ultrasound tech then presented the gospel to Melina and shared how Christ loved her and forgives her. Melina bowed her head and accepted Jesus as her Savior.

Two days later, Melina brought her boyfriend of four years to the clinic to speak with a counselor. He too was presented with the gospel message and accepted Jesus Christ! 

Melina chose life, not only for her unborn baby, but also eternal life for herself, and helped to lead her boyfriend to everlasting life as well.