Her Husband Wanted an Abortion but She Did This Instead



Her Husband Wanted an Abortion but She Did This Instead

Story Written by a Pregnancy Clinic Partner

Hilma’s husband made an appointment, claiming she had to abort due to her recent back surgery. The next day, Hilma arrived for her appointment alone. She explained she was from Syria, spoke very little English, and that she was there to get the abortion pill and leave.

Hilma’s client advocate tried to get her to open up but she wouldn’t budge. Hilma’s defenses started to crumble once the advocate told her she had Christian friends from Syria and other friends who helped bring Christians out of Syria.

Hilma proudly showed pictures of her three children, who she loves dearly, and explained that she would like a fourth. Unfortunately, her husband would not allow it as he made the appointment for her to get the abortion pill.

Hilma and the counselor spoke about God and discussed some of the passages from the Bible about faith.

The counselor shared the story of Mary having the courage to carry the Son of God at a tender age. Hilma was so happy! She spoke about God giving her many gifts and watching over her and her family. 

The counselor asked Hilma if she was ready to return to Christ fully. Hilma said yes – she realized that Christ brought her to the pregnancy clinic to save her baby.

As Hilma left, she hugged the counselor and said, “Christ brought me here today, and I am so happy!” She was clutching the ultrasound photo of her baby and shedding tears of joy! She is thrilled to be having this baby.