Faith in Every Situation


Faith in Every Situation


Carrie decided to take the step and schedule a visit to a Pre-Born! Partner Pregnancy Clinic. She arrived with her mind already made up, she was going to have an abortion.

She felt very anxious and emotional but as her session with her client advocate began, she felt a calmness settle in the room.

Carrie opened up and discussed her concerns and situations in her personal life. She kept revisiting the idea of abortion because she felt she could not take care of another child financially.

However, Carrie felt a sense of relief when her client advocate provided her with community resources and referral information. She also told Carrie that she has an important purpose in her life.

The client advocate asked Carrie about her journey and relationship with God. “God has always been a huge part of my life, but sometimes I feel like God does not hear my prayers,” said Carrie. She told Carrie that God was almighty and he heard every one of her prayers, even if she did not feel like he was. She learned that God is full of wonders and miracles. Her client advocate told Carrie to always trust in Him and know that having faith in Him is all she needs to get through any situation that she may be confronted with. The Clinic also helped Carrie enroll in their bible study classes, which she was extremely interested in taking.

As her discussion with her client advocate came to a close, Carrie changed her mind and choose life for her baby! She was thankful she was able to come to the Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic. She stated that, “her life had been changed!”

Carrie received an ultrasound and she got to see her baby and hear the heartbeat. Tears of joy and love rolled down Carrie’s face as she was watching the ultrasound screen. The Clinic gave Carrie supplies such as vitamins, diapers, and other items. Before leaving, Carrie gave the ultrasound nurse the biggest hug and told her how thankful she was for the help and support she received that day.