Fighting Against New Abortion Methods 

Worried woman holding pregnancy test

Fighting Against New Abortion Methods 

Since the recent Supreme Court Ruling that overturned Roe vs. Wade, there have been several ways in which the fight for life has been under attack. For example, there has been talk about a California physician planning to open an “abortion boat.” This boat would float in the Gulf of Mexico and operate outside the jurisdiction of any state laws. 

Additionally, Texas A&M University’s chapter of Medical Students for Choice recently hosted a seminar in which they gave listeners ways to “self-manage and self-source abortions” along with a discussion of the “impact of telehealth access for abortion services.” 

As an unexpectedly pregnant mother, Mia explored some “at-home abortion options” after discovering she was pregnant. However, a nurse at a Pre-Born! Network Provider gave her more accurate information regarding abortion risks, available resources, and an ultrasound. 

After seeing the image of her 9-week-old preborn baby, Mia expressed that she “wasn’t expecting a baby that size!” Not only was she amazed by the child’s development, she also had the opportunity to hear her baby’s heartbeat. Although she visited a Care Provider in the Pre-Born! Network, hoping to receive more information about abortion, Mia left with both a changed mind and heart regarding the life of her child. 

Just like Mia, other women facing unplanned pregnancies deserve to be fully informed. While abortions in their various forms may appear to provide women with options, they leave out the entire picture. The Network Providers of Pre-Born! ensure that women are not only aware of all their options, but also of the truth regarding their baby’s life. 

Although many tactics are being devised by abortion supporters to make the practice more widely available, Pre-Born! is working to ensure that lives are saved and changed for mothers and their children. 

As always, thank you for giving. Your gifts make it possible for Mia and many others to make informed, helpful, hopeful, and life-changing decisions.