Fight for NYC

They stood. They clapped. They shouted. WE WEPT. A horrific tragedy unfolded in New York last week when the state Senate voted in the Reproductive Health Act. Stand with PreBorn! as we work to raise $250,000 through our GoFundMe Campaign to KEEP THE ONLY PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER IN QUEENS AND BROOKLYN, the highest abortion neighborhoods […]


Help Save Beating Hearts Across America

Want to Help Save Beating Hearts Across America? On this 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, join forces with PreBorn! to save beating hearts from abortion. Your gift will help moms see their babies on ultrasound and hear their heartbeats. Hearing the heartbeat will change a woman’s mind from abortion 80% of the time.


Mighty Warrior of God

We’re celebrating the beginning of 2019 with thankful hearts and here’s why: “Yessenia’s” miracle was crushed in a matter of moments. Her head sunk as her doctor delivered heart-shattering news. The baby she tried to conceive for years, was expected to be born with Down Syndrome. In all the pandemonium, Yessenia heard the word “abortion” […]


Message from the President and CEO

Here’s a message from Dan Steiner, president of PreBorn!: “This year has been our best year yet, with over 25,400 little ones saved from abortion and over 4,200 Women giving their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ. These saved babies represent a nearly 3-fold increase over the number of lives saved last year.” Give […]


Partner Center Update

God is at work at PreBorn Pregnancy Centers across the United States. A volunteer at one of our partner centers recently attended PreBorn’s evangelism training. She took the tools, applied them and led a young woman to Christ! A staff member at the center said, “God is showing off this week! It gives me goosebumps […]


Baby Survives Abortion

“When a woman takes the abortion pill, she often immediately regrets it. This patient did exactly that. The abortion providers will lie and tell people that there is no way to reverse it. That is not true.” Read the full story and see the photo of a baby who is living proof. Praise God!  


Kermit Gosnell

“The crimes of abortionist and serial killer Kermit Gosnell are, by now, well known. But another abortionist is currently under investigation by the FBI: Douglas Karpen, who has come to be known as the “Texas Gosnell.” — Live Action News. WARNING: This following contains material that is graphic and disturbing and is not suited for […]


Sometimes a Dad Needs to See

Sometimes it’s the dad who needs to see… April didn’t want an abortion, but her boyfriend of five years didn’t want her to keep the baby and she was vulnerable to his influence. April and Zach were quiet as they started their ultrasound, but they were obviously moved as the sound of their baby’s heartbeat […]