Don’t Jump Ship

“Kesha” walked into one of Pre-Born’s partner clinics in Texas and poured out her heart to the nurse sonographer telling her all about her financial pressures, not having a job, having a newborn baby who spent the last four months in the NICU, and worst of all, she was pregnant again. The nurse simply told […]


Operation Equip Success

Pre-born’s mission is to equip Crisis Pregnancy Clinics across the nation to save more lives and souls. Here is a testimony from one of our partner centers who received training through Operation Equip and the Invitation with Jan Wright, Pre-born Field Consultant. “We have nothing but the utmost praise for Jan. We so enjoyed getting […]


Big Thank You to Our Supporters

Here is a big thank you to our supporters, from Sylvia Johnson Matthews, who attended our Imago Dei event. She stated, “I want say to all the supporters of Pre-Born, thank you because what was shared here these past two days is helping me to help others to save babies from abortion.”


Forever Changed

“Laura” made the decision to go to a pregnancy clinic in Illinois for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. Emotions ran high as fear consumed her thoughts. She had no intention of changing her life. She had every intention of continuing as a full time student and a part time employee. Laura had big plans for […]


She Said Yes

“It’s only a blood clot,” Carol said as she waited for her sonogram. She refused to believe otherwise because if she did, she would have to believe the truth: that there was a baby growing inside her. Carol wanted an abortion. The father of her 4-year-old son didn’t want another baby. But in a moment’s […]