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Ectopic Pregnancies:  What You Need to Know

Ectopic Pregnancies:  What You Need to Know Pro-abortion advocates often use ectopic pregnancies as a prime exception for where abortion should be legal. They argue that restricting abortion would jeopardize women with this medical condition. Let’s talk about how treatment for an ectopic pregnancy is NOT an abortion.   What Is an Ectopic Pregnancy?   An ectopic pregnancy […]


Common Misconceptions about Pregnancy Resource Clinics (PRCs) 

Common Misconceptions about Pregnancy Resource Clinics (PRCs)  There are many misconceptions about Pregnancy Clinics (AKA Pregnancy Resource Clinics or PRCs). The media wants to portray PRCs as “fake Clinics” that front as real Medical Clinics to lure women to religious nuts who pressure and shame women into keeping their babies. This is simply not the […]

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Firebombed CompassCare Reopens in Buffalo, New York

On June 7, CompassCare, a Pre-Born! Partner Clinic located in Buffalo, New York, was attacked. Fires blazed in the nurses’ office and the reception room. Broken windows left shattered glass strewn across the ground. Graffiti marred the building with the words, “Jane was here,” referring to the pro-abortion terrorist organization, Jane’s Revenge. But what happened next only proved the hand of God upon them.


Partner Center Update

God is at work at PreBorn Pregnancy Centers across the United States. A volunteer at one of our partner centers recently attended PreBorn’s evangelism training. She took the tools, applied them and led a young woman to Christ! A staff member at the center said, “God is showing off this week! It gives me goosebumps […]