Category: Stories of Hope


Don’t Forget the Babies

Daria lives with the regret of having multiple abortions. Although her grief was unbearable, she found herself in the same predicament ― and she contemplated termination once again. She sought guidance from her OB/GYN but they were closed due to COVID-19. They referred her to Planned Parenthood, but Daria was not interested in taking that […]


She Had a Name Picked Out for a Baby Girl

Zana came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic knowing she was pregnant. She had recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and her morning sickness was unbearable. She thought abortion seemed like her best option. Zana’s ultrasound revealed a 7 weeks and 3 days old baby, but she still left the clinic undecided. Sadly, she didn’t […]


She Had a Real Baby Growing Inside Her

Anna was torn over the fact that she was pregnant. She came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic with tears in her eyes. On one hand, she struggled with the shared custody of her two young children and missed them greatly when they were with their dad. She didn’t want to do that with another child. […]


A Decision for Life

Anna and her boyfriend had a good thing going, but when she found out she was pregnant, the world stopped. She was only 20 years old and in the prime of her young adult life. A baby was not in her plans. Anna’s boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion so things “could go back to […]


Leave Your Spark on a Heart

Abortion had a grip on Leigh… Six of her thirteen pregnancies had ended in termination. What was one more? Unbeknownst of the physical pain and suffering her preborn baby would face, Leigh made her decision. She would abort once again. But a chain of God-ordained events put a spark in Leigh’s heart that changed everything! […]


My Baby, My Baby!

Rory was 17 years old and pregnant. Her mother was devastated. Her hopes and dreams for Rory had come to a complete stop. She questioned how her only child could be pregnant, unmarried and ruin her college career all at the same time. When Rory and her mom visited a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic, they found […]


Mom and Dad Get Married Prior to Delivering Baby

A Note From a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Center: Susan came into the resource room, yesterday afternoon, elated that she had just applied the new training that we attended from Pre-Born!, last Friday. Susan had learned from the client that she and her fiancé kept having road blocks that were preventing them from getting married including her social […]


The Decision to Carry

Lena was afraid and wanted to run. But there was life growing inside of her and she couldn’t shake that thought. She came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Center, emotionally broken, and looking for help. She believed in God and knew abortion was wrong but she also had an alcoholic boyfriend. The thought of a baby growing […]


Choosing to Parent Their Grandchild

Tara recently celebrated her 14th birthday. How could she be pregnant? She had only been with a boy from school twice, and her parents had no idea that she was sexually active. When Tara finally told them, they decided to abort the baby. They drove three hours out of state to an abortion clinic but […]


One By One: Lives are Being Saved in New York City!

Shawna came to a Pre-Born Pregnancy Center because she was unsure of what to do about her pregnancy. Although Shawna loved the Lord, fear had consumed her thoughts. She and her boyfriend Alex had been together for over two years and were dealing with the emotions of a recent miscarriage. They had no desire to […]