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To God Be the Glory

To God Be the Glory! Your love is saving lives at Pre-Born! in more than one way. Many of you have been giving to save the lives of preborn babies by sponsoring individual ultrasound sessions and/or purchasing an ultrasound machine for a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic. But did you know that your love is also reaching […]


Pre-Born! “Invitation” Evangelism Training Held in Hawaii

Pre-Born! President Dan Steiner and his wife Valerie Steiner hosted an “Invitation” evangelism training on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Pregnancy Center leaders from all over the Islands attended the meeting to learn how to more effectively and boldly share the Gospel with the men and women who walk through their clinic doors. They […]


“Set Our Hearts on Fire”

“The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of learning, training, and praying about all kinds of possibilities. Jan, of Pre-Born! Ministries set our hearts on fire with the Gospel. Thank you for such an enriching time together.” —- Susan, from one of Pre-Born’s Pregnancy Centers in Virginia. Photo: Jan (left) and Susan (right).


The “Invitation” is “Growing Community”

A note we received from Carol, the executive director of one of Pre-Born’s Pregnancy Centers: “We are overwhelmed with joy by the faithfulness and willingness of Pre-Born to partner with centers like ours. We are a growing community and support through Pre-Born is helping us grow alongside our community to meet the needs of women […]


The “Invitation” in Oklahoma

On February 8th, Dan Steiner, president of Pre-Born!, and Steve Rice, Pre-Born! board member, attended the annual, Oklahoma-wide Pregnancy Resource Network Staff and Volunteer Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dan and Steve had the opportunity to interact with and teach the “Invitation” evangelism training to individuals representing over 20 centers across Oklahoma. Participants expressed that […]