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The Surprise of Their Lives

Shana and Cory recently received the surprise of their lives. They came to a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic not knowing what to do with Shana’s pregnancy and they left holding the ultrasound of a precious baby.   Look closely at the ultrasound. It’s shaped like a heart! Shana and Cory’s client advocate called her ultrasound a […]


Abortion Pill Reversal

If you really think about it—You had a hand in giving her the strength to pick up the phone.   Several months ago, “Chloe” decided to end the life of her preborn baby. She succumbed to her fears of raising a child alone and fell into the trap of having a chemical abortion.   Sadly, […]


The Ultrasound that Changed Everything

When Kristin was advised to go to a PreBorn! Pregnancy Clinic, she arrived knowing that she was pregnant but didn’t want to believe it. She felt abortion was her only solution and she had already scheduled an appointment with Planned Parenthood because she was afraid of raising another child. She was already a mother of […]


A Little Heartbeat, A Lot of Love

Alicia came into a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic for a pregnancy test. She was in tears hoping she didn’t have to have another abortion. When her test came back positive, Alicia was then given information on parenting, adoption, and abortion. When Alicia came back the following week for her ultrasound she was in shock of the […]


Stunned Single Mom Chooses Life!

Terri was a single mom of four children, had lost her job and found out she was pregnant. She was afraid to ask her family for help. Although she hesitated at first, Terri decided it would be a good idea to get an ultrasound at a Pre-Born! Pregnancy Clinic. When she received her ultrasound, she […]