Celebrate Jesus: Christmas Spectacular for the Unborn 2021

Celebrate Jesus:

Christmas Spectacular
for the Unborn

The event has ended and is no longer able to be streamed.

Thanks for Joining Us!

Thank you for being a part of this special event that is both honoring to Jesus and supportive of YOUR local Pregnancy Clinic! Celebrate with us at our first-ever Celebrate Jesus: Christmas Spectacular for the Unborn!

This live-streamed event was filmed in a mixed-reality virtual set to follow the greatest planned, unplanned pregnancy ever told—the birth of Jesus Christ! Enjoy music from contemporary artists Danny Gokey, Jordan Smith, Chris Aven, and Joyce Im Bartholomew—all accompanied by beautiful orchestration.

This event is intended to bless participating Pregnancy Clinics and give all the glory to God! You’re here because of your love for Jesus and His babies. We ask for you to prayerfully consider how you can bless a Clinic near you! Thank you for your compassion and support in saving babies and souls.

Utilize the “Search Bar” below the video to find a Clinic near you! Any donation, given through this webpage, will go directly to the Pregnancy Clinic of your choice!

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