Executive Assistant


Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant for Christian Non-Profit Org. (Pre-Born! Headquarters – Indianapolis Northwest Side)

Reports to: President/Global Project Manager

Scope:  Direct support to President and Global Project Manager with ministry wide administrative responsibilities. Responsible for direct implementation and execution of tasks (both administrative and by project) assigned by President and Global Project Manager.

Collaboration: Pre-Born! Leadership/Management Team

Hours: 9:00 – 5:00 PM, and weekend events

Company Provided items: Work Phone – Work Laptop

Character Qualities: Integrity, orderliness, diligence, perseverance, dedication, speed, accuracy, attention to detail, driven initiator, conscientiousness, pro-activity, timeliness, structure and organization, time management, flexibility, adaptability, teachable, humility and respectfulness.

General: Able to principally assist the President and the Global Project Manager. Capable of managing other tasks related to administration and operations as assigned by Management Team. Can multi-task with speed, accuracy and retain detail orientation with related tasks. Able to assist in day to day administration, personnel on-boarding with direct management supervision. Flexibility and adaptability with day to day routine, with ability to respond to a fast paced work environment. Assist management team in execution, implementation and tracking of administrative, operational and project goals. Able to assist and manage appointments, meetings and coordinate schedule of management team.


  1. Agreement with and adherence to the Statement of Faith and Principle.  With a strong desire to serve Jesus Christ in a position of administration.  
  2. Intercession before God on behalf of all facets of ministry.
  3. Maturity in spiritual warfare, and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  4. Fidelity to a biblical, evangelical growing lifestyle. 100% pro-life.
  5. Significant experience in Microsoft Office, administration, databases, design, print & mail operations, and management of an office.
  6. Exceptional ability & desire to manage detail in simultaneous projects on an ongoing basis-an implementer.
  7. Proven analytical and organizational skills to ensure data and programmatic integrity.
  8. Experience establishing and conservatively managing budgets.
  9. Ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and to work efficiently on a team while having strong self-management skills.
  10. Adaptability and flexibility to different organizations’ and management requirements.
  11. Ability to write with accurate proofreading skills.
  12. Ability to work effectively with a team
  13. Ability to anticipate both program needs, and leadership urgent needs and prioritize tasks accordingly
  14. Desire to manage both program and people
  15. Ability to anticipate program and organizational needs, and calculate risks when dealing with administrative and operational tasks.


  1. Assist President with immediate needs and projects.
  2. Help coordinate President and Management team schedule, meetings and deadlines
  3. Help track organizational deadlines
  4. Manage and update budgets
  5. Help manage calls and meetings for the President and coordinate internally with conflicting tasks, projects and deadlines.
  6. File organizational and administrative paperwork
  7. Assist Global Project Manager in on-boarding and maintain personnel files.
  8. Assist management team in day to day administrative and operational routines and tasks
  9. Ensure mailing out high-level management and leadership communications as assigned by management team.
  10. Ensure tracking of incoming mail as it relates to the President and administration.
  11. Help track projects assigned by the President and Global Project Manager to staff
  12. Help make calls to vendors, contractors and other operational relations.
  13. Help monitor and track P&Ls
  14. Help generate, track and file organizational reports
  15. Help file copies of monthly receipts, newsletters and other operational files
  16. Help monitor inventory and coordinate operational supplies with Minister of Data and Logistics.
  17. Help track project status, client services program status and implementation state.
  18. Help request and file status reports requested by the President and Global Project Manager.
  19. Help follow up on deadlines given to staff as assigned by the President or Global Project Manager.
  20. Help increase and solidify communication within the organizational structure.
  21. Help file contracts and administrative paperwork such as electronic copies of yearly insurance, audits etc.
  22. Help maintain logs of renewable contracts, agreements, memorandums of understanding, insurances and their respective renewals and deadlines.
  23. Assist President in call backs and assist in prioritizing meetings, coordinating meetings by importance.
  24. Assist in coordinating and planning events.
  25. Assist Global Project Manager in maintaining the Annual Calendar and updating dates and adjustments as directed by Global Project Manager.
  26. Help send out ministry wide memos.
  27. Help track project status, client services program status and implementation state.
  28. Help track and maintain operational licenses, federal and state requirements and maintain an operational log/dashboard for execution of deadlines.

Position-Specific Goals and Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Successful coordination of the President’s schedule and organizational schedule.
  2. Clean and organized filing of administrative and operational documents.
  3. Successful and up to date maintenance of records, logs and annual calendars.
  4. Streamlined process of office logistics (Shared KPI with Minister of Logistics).
  5. Developing an organizational wide inventory tool, and internal tracking metrics and audits.
  6. Successful filing and record keeping of all event and concert documents.
  7. Filed P&L and up-to date budgets.
  8. Create a ministry directory for internal structure, vendors, and other commonly used 3rd parties.


  1. Using one’s life to glorify and serve Jesus Christ
  2. Paid Vacation per Employee Handbook
  3. 401 K (after working 1000 hours of first year employment)

Compensation: As discussed.

If you are a highly efficient and self-motivated person with the skills outlined above, and you have a heart for ministry, please send us your resume: careers@preborn.com.

Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.

Do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers.