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Whistleblower Policy

If any person knows of or has a suspicion about misconduct, dishonesty or fraud, person who suspects such shall confront the suspected party. If such party cannot or will not provide rational explanation, which alleviates the concern, the VP of Operations should be contacted. If the alleged wrongdoing concerns the VP of Operations, then the President or other officer or director of the organization should be notified instead.

If the VP of Operations, President or other officer of the organization receives information about misconduct, dishonesty or fraud, they shall inform the Board (or, alternately, the Executive Committee, if such a Committee exists), which shall determine the procedure for investigating all credible allegations.

At all times, the privacy and reputation of individuals involved will be respected. There will no punishment or other retaliation for the reporting of conduct under this policy. If the person providing the information requests anonymity, this request will be respected.