Minister of Intercession


Minister of Intercession

Minister of Intercession Administration for Christian Non-Profit Org. (Pre-Born! Headquarters – Indianapolis Northwest Side)

Daily Intercession and Administration of both internal and external communications as pertaining to Pre-Born’s Prayer Furnace

Status: FTE 40 Hours/Week

Character Qualities: A life lived in prayer and presence before the Lord. Purity of personal life and devotional life. Sound Biblical Doctrine and has a deep call and heart for prayer and intercession. Strives for Christ’s righteousness in daily walk with Jesus Christ. Integrity, orderliness, diligence, perseverance, dedication, speed, accuracy, attention to detail, driven initiator, conscientiousness, pro-activity, timeliness, structure and organization, time management, adaptability, teachable. Lives a life of fasting.

General: Help formalize, develop, plan and execute a Ministry Wide Prayer Furnace, with the direction and supervision of Global Project Manager and President. Daily intercession before the Lord which includes, increasing the presence of the ministry before the Lord and ministering unto Him. Adoring Jesus through prayer, praise and worship. Offering prayer of thanksgiving and prayers of humility before the Lord. Praying the Word of the Lord, as with declaration of God’s Word and the power of God’s names and attributes over the ministry and it’s affairs. Prophetically interceding, watching and listening for the Word, warnings of the Lord. Intercession that is involves supplication of ministry specific prayer requests and needs, people’s supplication, leadership covering and intercessory warfare.


  1. Agreement with and adherence to the Statement of Faith and Principle. With a strong desire to serve Jesus Christ in a position of intercession and administration both.  
  2. Intercession before God on behalf of all facets of ministry. Fidelity to a biblical, evangelical growing lifestyle. 100% pro-life. 
  3. Able to develop communication content regarding prayer in a devotional, exhorting capacity.
  4. Maturity in spiritual warfare, love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  
  5. Lives a fasted life.
  6. Bachelor’s or equivalent experience/degree.
  7. Significant experience in Microsoft Office suite, exceptional verbal and written communication.
  8. Ability to lead people into prayer and the presence of the Lord, and to help lead people into prayer and intercessory worship and warfare.
  9. Able to discern things of the Spirit according to and in line with the Word of God.
  10. Effectively work with different team members with varying degrees of expertise and experiences.
  11. Ability to engage and recruit people to pray for the ministry.
  12. Ability to lead those people into a life of prayer, worship and fasting.
  13. Ability to thrive under pressure, meet deadlines and to work efficiently on a team while having strong self-management skills.
  14. Adaptability and flexibility to different organizations’ and management requirements, ability to travel.
  15. Ability to minister to donor-based prayer partners, encourage, equip and exhort them in prayer.


  1. Establish an ongoing presence before the Lord as an offering for the ministry of Pre-Born!
  2. Enter into the Lord’s presence to bring ministry related prayer requests.
  3. To bring intercession before the Lord in behalf of all ministry related affairs.
  4. A constant offering of praise, adoration and thanksgiving before the Lord.
  5. Declare the Word of God and prophetic promises and utterance over the ministry and it’s leaders and ministers.
  6. Lifting up the Names, Attributes and Characters of God over the ministry and it’s people.
  7. Develop a prayer program with the direction of Global Project Manager.
  8. Recruit prayer partners and volunteers to pray for and with the ministry.
  9. Maintain communication within the ministry and gather prayer requests from leadership, staff and donors for specific prayer requests to be brought into intercession and supplication before the Lord.
  10. Collaboratively pray and intercede with fellow Directors of Intercession.
  11. Accomplish miscellaneous projects as assigned by the Global Project Manager or Director of Operations.
  12. Offer praises and worship daily to the Lord.
  13. Develop content and communication to be sent out to all prayer partners.
  14. With discernment and wisdom, watch and relay to leadership warnings, issues as discerned in the Spirit.

Position-Specific Goals and Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Recruiting Volunteers to add to Pre-Born’s Prayer Furnace
  2. Developing a standardized prayer communication as pertaining to: a) Gathering prayer requests internally from leadership and all ministers b) Communicating prayer requests (with matters for public and internal prayers approved by Global Project Manager) to prayer furnace  c) Communicating encouragement and exhorting words to our prayer partners Maturity in spiritual warfare, love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lives a fasted life.
  3. Helping develop a 24 hour prayer shield with constant shifts and watches both from Staff intercessors and volunteers. a) Communication and scheduling platform is a team/cross-functional project with Minister of Communications, Minister of Technology and Global Project Manager
  4. Re-organize and maintain a weekly intercessory conference with fellow intercessors and volunteers.

If you are a highly efficient and self-motivated person with the skills outlined above, and you have a heart for ministry, please send us your resume:

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