Pre-born Child Sponsorship Program

Begin Your Sponsorship Today, Change A Baby’s Destiny Forever

As a Pre-Born sponsor, you stand in the gap with real compassion for an unborn baby and a desperate young mother.  Each month we will send you an ultrasound picture and story telling how the life was touched.  Your support of $28.00 each month (less than $1.00 a day), provides hope to these young moms, a free life-saving ultrasound, and practical, compassionate counseling and care.


Ultrasounds underwritten in 2017!

Jesus Loves the Babies

His heart breaks 4,000 times a day at the needless destruction and pain of the unborn by abortion.  Who will hear the cry of God’s heart for these helpless ones?


Babies saved in 2017!


Evangelism is the core of our mission.  If a mom is saved, the baby my be raised in a Christian home and may come to Jesus later in life.


Received Christ in 2017!


All the Centers we work with are partners with the churches of their communities.


Women counseled in 2017!

Committed to Integrity

Pre-Born ensures all financial operation practices adhere to the highest federal accounting standards for non-profit organizations.  Seventy-eight percent of our funds go directly into the work of saving lives at local Centers.

When you sponsor an unborn child, you’ll be literally giving him or her the gift of life.  When a young woman, faced with an unplanned pregnancy, sees her baby on an ultrasound, she will choose life (instead of abortion) 80 percent of the time.  Without the ultrasound, 1 out of every 3 unborn babies perish.  Your sponsorship of a life-saving, free ultrasound for this mom and baby is often her only hope.  When the mom hears the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, she connects in a powerful way that encourages her to make the often difficult choice to keep the baby.

As a sponsor of an unborn child,  you are also helping the young mother with maternity clothes, baby clothes, diapers, and formula.  More importantly, your sponsorship gives the young mother an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your love not only saves the life of an unborn child, but often the mother becomes a Christian, as well!

Here is how to begin:

Fill out the response information and mail it to Pre-Born in the enclosed envelope. When you sponsor a baby and a mom, each month you will receive an ultrasound picture and a true account of a life saved by the sponsorship program.


Heard the gospel in 2017!